After surgery to remove the tumor

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Law enforcement is taking note of Miami’s reputation as a lock box for suspect money. Among the highest profile incidents that have left the local real estate industry feeling under siege: unprecedented federal monitoring of shell companies buying pricey homes in cash. A wave of disclosures from the release of the secret offshore files known as the Panama Papers.

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women’s jewelry Marlene MacGregor knew she was going to be a medical guinea pig sterling silver charms, but she agreed anyway. Doctors at Medstar Union Memorial Hospital offered the 70 year old Nottingham resident several options after a biopsy revealed she had Stage 1 breast cancer. After surgery to remove the tumor, she was told traditional radiation therapy in which a patient goes through weeks of daily radiation treatment was the tried and true method, with over 30 years.. women’s jewelry

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costume jewelry THEFT: Central District Police were seeking a woman who duped another woman out of nearly $150 by telling her she had two suits for sale at a very cheap price. Police said the victim, whose name was not immediately available, was in the 100 block of W. Lexington St costume jewelry.

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